Freedom Love Gold

Freedom Love Gold is a 70-minute documentary film that brings to life the amazing true story of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Tarnay and their three young children, who, with much bravery and sacrifice, helped to save their homeland from destruction. In the last days of WWII, Hungary’s treasury (32 tons of gold and national treasures, including the Crown of St. Stephen), along with 500 of the bank's family members, were spared due to the extraordinary selflessness and courage of the Tarnay family.


Freedom Love Gold is based on a book by the same name. The book is available here.


Jessie in Reverie

A day in the mind of a young neurosurgeon heads for a downward spiral until a handful of powerful incidences penetrates her gray matter giving her a new look on life. Combining aspects of art and medicine, this poignant story portrays focus and determination through the eyes of a woman who is set to do one thing: be the best by giving it her all.

Life on Tap

Told almost entirely through tap dancing, this mysterious experimental drama chronicles the lives of a master tapper and his protégé, whose relationship is ruined when a mysterious painting causes them to hallucinate horrors.

Moth To The Fame

This documentary creates a metaphor between the bright lights of success and moths to a flame as told through the eyes of a Cannes Film Festival lighting technician.

Chamaedorea Don

Plant collectors around the world seek the services of a world-renown environmental horticulturalist with a mind like a GPS. Discovering new plants in leech-infested forests in Thailand and the sweltering heat of a Tahitian jungle comes with its controversies and competition, and this documentary uncovers the truths behind the special abilities of one amazing world-traveler and explorer.

How To Make A Chocolate Cake

It's easier to get into trouble than it is to get out of it--and this story proves just that. In this witty, dark comedy, alarm bells ring when Brenna's delicious school project sparks debate with her paranoid teacher until she figures out a lot of icing and cherries on top are the ingredients needed for a sweet escape.

Mashed Potatoes

What stemmed from an open script about mashed potatoes results in a heartwarming story about a woman's experience giving birth and the healing  power of new life and family ties during times of adversity...and silliness!

Girl Real

In this educational coming-of-age drama, a fresh look at fighting prejudice is told through the eyes of an everyday teen girl who is forced into extraordinary situations as she faces the harsh realities of the so-called "real world".


Produced for the University of Kansas Office of First-Year Experience, this film--made up of a series of skits, parodies, and improvisation--instills university freshman with the knowledge needed for success as a newly minted Jayhawk.

International House Video Yearbook

In this documentary, a year in the lives of international graduate students housed at a unique non-profit organization in the heart of New York City is examined as they cross cultural boundaries, form life-long friendships, and discover that--although they've grown up worlds apart--they are more alike than they are different.

This I Love

William Shakespeare time travels to the present, writes a new hit play, and falls in love with a former prima ballerina who serves as his muse in the most unusual way.

True Stories of Hyperpigmentation

In this animated musical comedy, a young women laments about societal expectations of Western beauty until she finds the courage to set her own rules.

The Incredibly Boring Life of The World's Most Untalented Person

In this hilarious mockumentary, Brinn Taff deconstructs the ever elusive college admissions process in an attempt to gauge her "talent." Figuring out if she has what it takes to get into top schools, she solicits advice to everyone she thinks she knows, until she learns she's not the lost hope she always dreaded she was--she's just close.

Puzzle Enigma

A young woman is a depressed recluse until she is transported to another world where she sees clones of herself from every year of her life thus far and  in the future. Once she sees her positive future life, she learns how to befriend herself and emerges from her anti-social shell.


Set to the hauntingly beautiful music of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, this experimental dance film takes an in-depth look into the paralells between the movement of a human dancer and the motion of heavy machinery.



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